Homegrown Mushroom Spring Rolls

Don’t have time to make a meal every day, yet alone a healthy one? This delicious mushroom spring roll filled with homegrown oyster mushrooms and cilantro is the answer to all your troubles! It’s colorful, flavorful, and simple to make!

Prep: 10 mins
Cook time: 5 mins

Makes: 4 spring rolls


  • img_81501 cup oyster mushrooms, coarsely chopped
  • 1 cup kale, chopped
  • 1/2 tsp sesame seeds
  • 2 tsp soy sauce
  • 1 tsp hoisin sauce
  • 4 spring roll wrapped
  • 1/2 cucumber, julienned
  • 1 carrot, julienned
  • 2 scallions, green part only, cut into 2-3 inch pieces
  • 1/4 cup cilantro
  • 2 tbsp vegan mayonnaise
  • 1/4 tsp sesame oil
  • Sriracha, to taste



1. In a small skillet, add vegetable oil on medium heat. When oil is hot add mushrooms and kale and stir. Cook for 30 seconds. Add sesame seeds, soy sauce and hoisin sauce. Stir well and cook for another 2 minutes. Spoon into a bowl and set aside.

2. Add water to a plate. Dip the spring roll wrapper into the water for 3 seconds on each side. Place on a clean surface and rub the wrapper with your hands to make sure the entire wrapper is moist. Add cucumber, carrot, scallion, cilantro, and 2 tablespoons of the sautéed mushroom and kale to the lower 2/3 of the wrapper.

3. Fold both sides of the wrapper over the filling and then tightly roll up the wrapper from the bottom, making sure all the filling stays in.

4. In a small bowl, mix together vegan mayo, sesame oil and Sriracha to taste. Dip spring rolls into the spicy mayo sauce and enjoy! 

Pro Tips:
– add other fillings like jalapeños, tofu, mint, basil, purple cabbage, sprouts etc.
– use peanut sauce instead if you want!

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5 Must-Make Holiday Recipes

What would the holiday season be without the smell of freshly baked foods wafting through your house? Whether you’re a baking newbie or Emeril Lagasse himself, you have what it takes to put together some delicious, homemade holiday grub.

From sweet to savory, we’ve compiled our favorite recipes of the season, each one sure to make your kitchen into an instrument of holiday cheer!


Mini Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake
We all know someone who LOVES cheesecake – heck, maybe that someone is you! Do you also love pumpkin pie? If you’re a traditional pie eater over the holidays, why not change it up a bit and try making these pumpkin pie cheesecakes? For the record, they are delicious AND adorable. Get the recipe!


Sage Roasted Butternut Squash
Aaaah it’s the vegetable we’ve all been waiting for that only comes once a year – butternut squash. Now you can make sage roasted butternut squash thanks to our favorite foodie guru, Chef Hetal. Get the recipe!


Roasted Vegetable Lasagna
There’s nothing more satisfying than a plate of saucy lasagna, especially Ms. Martha Stewart’s own Roasted Vegetable Lasagna! Knock your holiday dinner party out of the park with this classic Italian dish. Bonus – this hearty dish will leave you with plenty of delicious leftovers. Bring out your inner Martha and say bon appétit! Get Martha’s recipe.

martha_lasagnaPhoto credit: marthastewart.com

Mushroom Gravy
Gravy, gravy, gravy! What holiday dinner’s complete without some homemade gravy? To change things up a bit, we’ve carefully crafted a simple, healthy gravy recipe you won’t be able to live without with homegrown mushrooms…Did we mention how much we love gravy? Get the recipe.


Holiday Smoothie
We know what you’re thinking – a smoothie? Not the most intuitive drink for a cold, gloomy winter day, BUT our friend Ayesha Curry has created this UH-mazing holiday smoothie that is the perfect evolution for the eggnog veteran looking to take things to the next level 😉 Get Ayesha’s recipe!


Photo Credit: popsugar.com

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The Green Gift Every Foodie is Talking About

At some point, even the most committed foodies reach their fine dining plateau or get sick of pinning Food Porn onto their Pinterest boards—eventually, they want more. While some take to the kitchen to dream up their own concoctions, others with farm-to-table ambitions want to take it one step further and grow their own ingredients. But even the most experienced chef can be intimidated by the prospect of becoming a gardening novice. Good news — the lover of all grub can ease into the process and quickly transform from beginner to green-thumbed god. The solution? The Water Garden.


Back to the Roots co-founders Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez initially stumbled upon the idea of aquaponics while doing a farm visit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Awestruck by the magic of aquaponic farming (2x faster growth with 90% less water? Yes please!) the guys set out to find a way to share this experience with kids and families. After a year-long design process, the Water Garden launched on Kickstarter in November 2012 with a conservative goal of $100,000. To their surprise, there was enough interest around the self-cleaning, food-growing fish tank that they raised $248,000 in just 30 days!

Original Water Garden Video on Kickstarter (formerly the AquaFarm):

Today, there are over 100,000 Water Gardens in homes and classrooms nationwide growing their own organic food via aquaponics. The Water Garden continues to delight farmers of all ages, bringing a mini-ecosystem into the comfort of your own home and yielding organic sprouts and herbs all year long. People love it because it requires 1) no yard or outdoor space at all, 2) no water changes, and 3) comes with everything you need to get started . The only prerequisite is a little bit of light and, of course, a new pet fish (don’t worry – it comes with a coupon for one from Petco!).

This fish-powered garden comes fully loaded, including: 3-gallon fish tank, the aquarium gravel, organic herb seeds, grow stones, natural fertilizer, a silent submersible water pump, fish food, and a coupon for your betta fish. Put your fish in the tank, plant your seeds, and in 2-3 days you’ll have your first sprouts and your ecosystem will be growing away in happy harmony.

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5 Tips for Sustainable Gift-Giving This Holiday Season

Mindful gift-giving eliminates any feeling of dread that might be attached to concern that one’s own behavior is environmentally damaging. Did you know that Americans throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year than any other time of year? It may be easy to avoid images of landfills loaded down with wrapping paper and forgotten gifts, but people still tend toward wastefulness.

Want to decrease your mark on the planet just a little bit? Give your holiday gifts mindfully and sustainably. Here’s how to do it:

1. Give Green-Oriented Gifts: Products that encourage interaction with the environment can send a message. Consider the Water Garden, a sustainable, self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic sprouts and herbs. Without any outdoor space required, it makes it a snap for people to literally grow some of their own food at home. Similarly, there’s the Mushroom Farm, a little box that grows delicious organic oyster mushrooms in just 10 days. Gifts like these remind people that it’s easy to take an active role in nurturing plant life and engaging with our natural environment. And you get to eat when you’re done!

2. Buy Non-Packaged Gifts: Holiday waste results in an extra 25 million tons of garbage. Try giving something that can’t be thrown away, like classes or admission to an event? Cooking classes, a trip to an eco-farm, concert tickets, and even e-books are all great gifts that require absolutely no wrapping.

Woman giving tickets

3. Use Sustainable Wrapping Paper: Of course, it’s pretty fun to pick out colorful holiday wrapping paper, but what if your wrapping paper was more sustainable than something purchased from a major retailer? Instead of run-of-the-mill gift-wrap from Walmart this year, re-appropriate other paper as you see fit. The comics pages of a major newspaper are a classic standby, but you might also use old wallpaper or cut-up paper bags.

4. Buy From Local/Small Businesses: Buying locally is an important component not only to the development of a local economy, but to reducing environmental harms. Products made in your community require less transportation to be sold to your community. By investing in local businesses, you also help to create more local jobs and a more economically robust neighborhood.

5. Make Your Own Gifts: If you really don’t want to waste anything this year, why not make a gift yourself? Make one-of-a-kind holiday cards out of old magazines, newsletters, and envelopes. Bake lots and lots of cookies, or better yet, make meals for your loved ones using herbs and mushrooms you grew in your Water Garden and Mushroom Farm.


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Top 10 Gifts of 2016 for Teachers

Are you looking to honor your teacher with a seasonal holiday gift? Maybe your close friend just happens to teach for a living? You might give them a present that serves double-duty, one that not only commemorating your special relationship but also serving a purpose in their classroom. We have plenty of ideas for worthwhile teacher gifts. Let them know they are remembered while giving them a great classroom accessory at the same time.

1. Garden In-A-Can Set ($24.99): You don’t need an outdoor garden to grow your own herbs at home. Forget the yard entirely and go with the Garden-In-A-Can set. It comes with cans for growing four types of herbs: basil, cilantro, sage, and dill. Class activity: Split everyone into 4 groups in a “race” to see who can most successfully nurture their herb.


2. School Supply Bouquet (price varies): Here’s a great homemade gift for those friends of yours in the education business. Buy a bunch of school supplies — glue, paper, staples, rulers, and the like — and place them into a stylish arrangement. Make use of a handsome container or other appealing presentation to lend a thoughtful air to your gift. It’s one that your teacher friend will use and benefit from.

school-supply-bouquet_nz3kmnPhoto credit: She Knows.

3. Water Garden ($99.99): Serving as both a fish tank and herb garden, this has got to be one of the coolest gifts ever. With a Water Garden in your foodie’s kitchen, they might pluck herbs and sprouts for use as garnish in daily dishes, all in the company of a new fish. The self-cleaning ecosystem adds a novel, low-maintenance vibe to any living space.



4. Crystal Growing Kit ($19.95): In the name of teaching students about the natural world, this Crystal Growing Kit makes an awesome gift to a teacher who might want to put it on display in a classroom. As a crystal begins to form, students will learn lessons about geology. When it’s done, the kit contains all the materials needed to perform seven different crystal growth experiments.crystal5. A Memory-Filled Scrapbook ($35): Making a gift for a teacher will often be a wise course of action. A scrapbook filled with photographs, high-scoring tests, and other academic memories makes a wonderful present to let your educational leader know that you not only appreciate their effort, but that their significant effort will be remembered.

6. Custom Tote Bag
(price varies): Give your teacher a place to stash their stuff as they migrate from home to classroom and back. You might deck out your gift tote bag with a photograph, some hand-painting, or perhaps even some custom embroidery. It’s a wide world of options when a tote bag is your blank canvas.screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-3-25-03-pm7. Mushroom Farm ($19.99): Kids love nothing more than a fast-moving spectacle. In just 10 days, you can show them how mushrooms grow to maturity out of a cardboard box. Open this boxed mushroom farm, spray its contents with water, and harvest your mushrooms a little over a week later.


8. Amazon Gift Cards (your choice): Whether they need to buy something for the classroom or their personal lives, sometimes it’s best to just give someone the resources to treat themselves and the instructions to do so. Amazon sells a little bit of everything. If your teacher needs new books, new clothes, or a new DVD box set, you can’t go too wrong making more of Amazon available to them.screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-3-26-43-pm9. Worm Farm Composter ($139): With this composter, teachers have a way to introduce students to the ideas associated with composting and recycling. They’ll raise a small colony of earth-enriching worms that go to work to make healthy soil, and students will get to observe them doing so.


10. Make a donation. Perhaps your teacher is a vocal supporter of some cause — pony up and let them know you’re lending support on their behalf. You might also contribute to an education- or child-related cause that makes a natural intersection with teaching. Consider Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, or Locks of Love.

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Top 10 Gifts of 2016 for Chefs & Foodies

The gift-giving season is upon us, and if you’re stumped on gift ideas for your foodie friends, then worry no more! There are a variety of exciting, engaging gifts you can give that they’re bound to love. Some may even deepen their relationship with food, perhaps as they grow a mushroom from scratch in a new mushroom farm and nurse them all the way to the dinner table.

After you’ve got your food-minded friend covered, make sure to treat yourself too!

1. Angurello Watermelon Slicer ($19.95): It’s time to redefine what we expect from everyone’s favorite vine-like flowering plant. When your chef or foodie friend wields this stainless steel utensil, their watermelon slices will come out in neat, perfect pieces, and their hands remain completely dry. Who knew that watermelon technology had yet to be perfected?


2. Water Garden ($99.99): Serving as both a fish tank and herb garden, this has got to be one of the coolest gifts ever. With a Water Garden in your foodie’s kitchen, they might pluck herbs and sprouts for use as garnish in daily dishes, all in the company of a new fish. The self-cleaning ecosystem adds a novel, low-maintenance vibe to any living space.


3. Tortilla Press ($120): If you don’t want to start with a good store-bought tortilla, you can of course make your own with help from this niche culinary gadget. By applying exactly the right amount of force to turn masa into a freshly pressed tortilla. With this gift given, you’ll forever change the nature of your food-minded friend’s relationship related to his or her relationship with tacos and burritos forever.


4. Self-Watering Planter ($29.99): What are tortillas without salsa? With this self-watering planter, you can grow your own cherry tomatoes in low-maintenance fashion. It only requires water once a week, providing a low-fuss way to people to grow their own delicious, organic food.


5. The Matcha Maker ($35): Know a matcha lover? This Matcha Maker is a match-a made in heaven. On the go foodie friends will enjoy their matcha wherever they please in a matter of seconds! Just add tea, hot water, then shake-n-sip!matcha-maker6. Coffee Cold Brew Gift Set ($36): If cold brew is a must-have in the morning, give it an eco-friendly twist with this reusable mason jar kit. Not only is it innovative, but all you have to do is add ground coffee to the filter, fill it up with cold water, and let it soak overnight! Best part about this gift? You can use the mason jar on the go and enjoy a complimentary aromatic blend of Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee.


7. Ceramic Compost Keeper
($24.95): Going back and forth to your compost bin every time you cook can be tiresome, not to mention the smell can get foul. Fear no more – this ceramic compost keeper will make any chef and foodie’s life easier by having it right on their kitchen counter, and give their composting lifestyle quicker and easier. With this simple, elegant design, it will also relieve any bad odors.compost

8. Mushroom Farm ($19.99): Did you know it only takes 10 days to grow your own delicious mushrooms out of a box? Your foodie friend will have everything it takes to turn the kitchen counter into an agricultural force to be reckoned with, as this mushroom farm yields delectable oyster mushrooms from the comfort of your home. It only requires that you open the box, mist it with water, and harvest it just 10 days later.



9. Artisanal Salt Sampler ($35): The world of salt is diverse enough that you might consider buying this selection of six different kinds of sodium, which come with their own wooden display stand. Included in the selection are exotic-sounding salts like habanero, sweet onion, and black garlic. Your french fries will never be the same again.


10. Better Baking: Wholesome Ingredients, Delicious Desserts ($19.68): We all fall for the sweet, savory desserts we like to indulge in to fulfill our sweet tooth – but it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for our health. Luckily, chef Genevieve Ko has created a collaboration of healthy recipes that are just as indulgent as that chocolate cake you’ve been craving. Which healthy dessert will you try first?


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